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Posted on July 20, 2010 at 6:42 AM

Golden gemsbok – a few discrepancies


As the owner of the golden oryx, which Dr Gert van Niekerk wrote the article “Burchellse goue gemsbok – wat is dit nou eintlik?” (August issue) on, I need to respond to his article and maybe put right a few discrepancies, which might be a bit misleading. Unfortunately, I was away to Namibia at the time of his writing and submitting the article and had no pre-printing insight into it.


Firstly, Safari Club International has acknowledged the golden oryx as a separate entry in their list of "Trophy Animals of Africa", not a Burchell golden oryx.


I also wish to point out that I am not the only owner of a herd of golden oryx; some other game ranchers have them too. Furthermore, I did not buy up all of them, as stated in the article, but I did buy as many as I could to start a herd on my ranch in Namibia. 


With regard to my hearing about the “vos-gemsbokke”, 'wat die boere voor die voet doodgeskiet het omdat hulle bang was hulle sou kruis met hul ander gemsbokke’, what I actually heard was that the farmers and hunters were hunting them because they looked so different. Also, I cannot state as a fact that in general the horns are longer and thicker, but to many people that seems to be the case. The statement on the golden oryx, all being identical is almost correct, as it has been said that they look like peas in a pod. The statement on them all being identical ‘without the “mixed grills”, such as among the golden gnu’ is also rather unfortunate.



Fred Burchell


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